The Center for the Study of Active Volcanoes (CSAV) has been operating out of the University of Hawaii at Hilo since 1990. Projects include International Training in Volcano Hazards Monitoring, public outreach and education, and cooperative research. We are digitizing 30,000 slides donated by Robert and Barbara Decker, and uploading select images (public domain ones) to this site, along with photos taken by CSAV, and extraordinary photos donated by colleagues. Darcy Bevens, CSAV Educational Specialist, is in charge of this project. All the photos on our site are available to the public for free, for use in educational and scholarly projects. Download the Original version, so that the metadata (caption, photographer, etc) travels with it for future reference. Visit the CSAV web site at http://hilo.hawaii.edu/~csav/ for more info, and enjoy the photos!